Vartsikhe HPPx

Produced refurbishment with modernization of hydro unit №2 of Vartsikhe HPP Georgia, capacity of 23 MW, after the accident.


Date: 2010-2012


Volume repair includes replacement of the blades, and other units of hydraulic turbine, fully hydraulic generator (except housing of the stator, core of the rotor and the bottom of the cross), the installation of a new modern digital speed control systems, thyristor excitation, as well as other auxiliary equipment, cable ducts, control cabinets and automatics . The works were carried out according to the «turnkey» system at the Vartsikhe HPP. This produced gains of 3 MW extra power.

Vartsikhe HPPs (HPP Vartsikhe) – hydroelectric complex of four hydroelectric power plants of the same type in the lower reaches of the river Rioni, Georgia. It is included in the Rioni HPP cascade, as the bottom step.
Vartsikhe HPPs are the classic diversion stations, located on the derivation channel with the main reservoir.

Put into operation – 1972.
The installed capacity of hydroelectric – 23 MW;
Hydrogenerator – SV866 / 70-52M UHL4, synchronous, three-phase, vertical;
Turbine – PL20-B-500;
Capacity – 23,800 kW;
The number of revolutions per minute – 115.4;
Current pressure – 14.92 m.

L: 42.153056
L: 42.700566